Wednesday, July 8, 2015

[Tutorial] How I managed to Hack a Twitter Account

In case you are wondering how to hack twitter accounts, then this tutorial is for you. This post comes from personal experience as some time back, my account got hacked. It was none other than my ex-girlfriend who logged into my account and changed both my password and my email address. I still cannot understand the reason she did so but I realize I am the ultimate fool here for not having changed my twitter password soon after we broke up late last year. Anyway, I happened to lay hands on a program through a friend of mine. To say the least, I was rather desperate back then and I just decided to give it a try. And it worked!! I really could not believe it at first but it did really work! I could actually log in to my account again and I quickly changed my email address back. And, of course, I also changed my password. Between us, I even used it to mess with my ex's account.

Now, the program has one additional functionality other than just being able to gain access to your accounts. You can also use it to gain more followers. According to my geek friend, it uses some underground network where people gain credits to follow other people. This gets both me and my "artificial" followers happy. It eventually helped me gain a couple hundred followers thereby inflating my popularity. Of course my close friends started asking me how I had suddenly become the most popular guy. So here I write this blog post explaining to them (you will recognize yourselves!) and pretty much anybody who knows that this sort of stuff existed. There was no way I was going to say how I did it on my personal blog because I do not want people to know that my gain in popularity was not natural and that I am not really becoming popular. So I basically wrote this new blog in order to share it!

So, how to do it?

The software I used can be downloaded from here: Click Here to Download

The compressed (rar) file contains 3 folders named and you should look into the one that corresponds to your operating system, i.e whether it is Mac/iOS, Windows or Android. It supports all three.

After downloading and running the software, you will see this screen

how to hack twitter account?
Twitter Hack Elite Start Screen

#1 Getting Access to an Account

In order to remain anonymous and keep people from finding out that I use this on my main account, I will be using a dummy twitter account for this tutorial. You first need to put in the id or the email used by the person on twitter. Once you have done that, just choose "Hack into account" on the radio buttons and then click next. This is the screen that is shown after you have chosen your target account and clicked the next button.

how to hack twitter account?
hacking into an account

Its as simple as it looks. This really baffled me when I first saw it run like that. This software is an extremely powerful one and it took about 8 minutes to get to 100% and gave me my correct password! How cool is that now?! Maybe even more impressive is that you remain undetected by anyone unless you like to brag about it.

A word of caution though is to use this wisely. It is fun, but only if you are one one side of the fence. The power available from this software is unlimited. Very few people in this world use passwords that are strong enough to prevent such silent attacks. I urge you to choose a good quality password that is more than 30 characters and include numbers and special characters. I am pretty sure you do not want other people to do the same thing to you by using this program which is now available in the wild. Using long and strong passwords make it very hard for people using this to crack it. To test the strength of your password use this site: If you just play a little with it, you will see how vulnerable many small passwords are. This program just takes advantage of that. So, if there is one thing you should take out of this page, that is to always use strong passwords.

#2 Getting More Followers

As you could have remarked from the first picture, this software can also help you gain more followers on twitter. This is another pretty cool feature which I put to use. The dummy account I used for this test did not have any followers at the beginning but then...

hack twitter account
Follower Hack

After selecting the amount of follwers you wish to have, just click next and the operation will go on smoothly.

how to hack twitter account
Follower hack

It took around 15 mins to add my 92 followers. The only possible disadvantage with it is that you can only add 200 at one time but you can use it multiple times and I think it is better that way if you add a small amount of followers daily. This way, it simulates a more natural growth.

Download the TH-Elite Program